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‘The Garden is maturing beautifully’

What started as an old Hop picking machine, Dutch barn and bags of detritus has after many hours, days and months of work, become a garden.

The process although an enormous lengthy task, has been hugely satisfying especially for Rob. He did most of the deconstructing with a little help from a few friends when another pair of hands was needed.

Eventually we got to the proverbial blank canvas, so we sowed grass seed on the newly exposed earth and let it grow for a whole season. Next we marked out the beds with the help of daughter India to create the sweeping large borders and worked them down to a plantable tilth.

Time now to plant, probably the best part of the whole process, the choice of what to plant had already been decided and grown with one or two special purchases from fellow nurseries. Taken into consideration was hardiness, the exposed site and compatibility of the plants. Once planted we have the frame work of a garden.

It’s now giving us all great pleasure as it starts to grow and mature, changing through the seasons it has movement, many textures and great beauty.

Photographs IndiaHobson at Haarkon, India Hurst & Kim Hurst